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Frozen fish

Frozen fish

The belief that the frozen fish has lost the vitamin integrity by the freezing process is often wrong. Modern technologies have made a step forward and it is possible to freeze the fish just minutes after it has been caught. Frozen fish from the AquaChile farms has all the necessary vitamins and nutrients essential to human health.



To expand the market presence in the Middle East the NOOR export trade mark has been established. This trade mark completely complies with the requirements of the Gulf states. Personnel, butchering, cutting, technical documentation and warehouses in the course of the NOOR meat products production meet the breeding regulations and butchering requirements pursuant to Islamic laws (GSO 993:1998). The production is controlled by International Center for Halal Standardization and Certification (ICSC) which is accredited by the UAE Ministry of Environment and Water.


Vita Line L.L.C is working with the best enterprises from all over the world to provide you with superior products at very best competitive price. Quality beef by Miratorg is a real breakthrough in the meat market. It is a completely new product based on the most advanced technologies of beef cattle breeding, full-cycle from-field-to-fork production unprecedented in its scale, and most importantly, the highest quality for which we are responsible to you. Chilled and frozen broiler meat by Miratorg provides the maximum possible vertical integration in the poultry industry — from grain cultivation for own mixed feed production to finished products. The concept of Miratorg involves the use of cutting-edge ideas and the latest developments in the world poultry practice and poultry processing sphere..

Another important high quality salmon and trout producer is an “AquaChile” company located in South America. This history of “AquaChile” development is rich and starts with the very beginning of the development of whole Chilean farmed salmon industry. First salmon was harvested there around 30 years ago. Since then, technology has been rapidly and constantly developing to achieve the finest quality of the farm-raised fish.


AquaChile’s development goes back to the very beginning of the Chilean salmon industry. During the eighties, when the first commercial productions of farmed salmon took place in waters of the southern part of the world, Salmones Pacífico Sur – related to the Fischer family – harvested the first specimens of salmon to be exported to Japan.

At the same time, the Puchi brothers, together with Pablo Aguilera, established their own salmon ovas and smolts production company ... www.aquachile.com


Salmones Austral is a Chilean funded company which developed from the merger of Trusal S.A., Pacific Star and Comsur Ltda. during the second half of 2013.

Our company produces farmed salmon, more specifically the species coho salmon and Atlantic salmon. Our central offices are located in the city of Puerto Montt and our process plants in Puerto Montt and Quellon, which is located in Chiloé Island.


Vita Line LLC is a food and beverages trading company based in Dubai with Operations in Belgium and Russia. Our strong co-operations with Major Importers, Traders and Wholesalers in this region has help us to grow and develop, reaching the very pinnacle of ascendancy.

Vita Line has acquired a reputation as a reliable partner by providing the excellent quality of products delivered by air and sea. Such a reputation in combination with rich experience help us to maintain a leading position in the local market.

Our products to ranges mainly focused on Salmon Products, and Poultry products.

We are HACCP certified and delivers only best quality products to satisfy most demanding customers. Production we supply originally comes from Chile, Europe and Russia.

Our client range from Major Importers, Traders, Airlines and Catering companies in Dubai and Russia. Our customers knows the secret of delicious meal is in the quality of products used. We want to be reliable source for best culinary experience. Therefore, we keep ourselves awaken to know the changes in International Market to source best price and highest quality to our customers requirement thus to achieve customer delight.


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